Circular Conversation – Home

Cheryl will talk about going home. This is often a conversation right before she heads toward bed. It still throws me for a loop. I am unsure of how to respond.

She will start by saying, I need to go home now. Most of the time I can reply, you are home we live here. She might continue by saying it looks like my stuff. Sometimes she will say, are you going home? I reply that I live here, this is our home. And sometimes she accepts that. Sometimes I can see on her face that she is unsure of the meaning of that. My daughter told me I should put on a different jacket and hat and come back in.

We are travelling this road together.

There have been times when she is anxious about going home. A friend once told me a story about how he would get his grandmother with Alzheimer’s to put her coat on and ride her up and down the hallway in her wheelchair and then announce, “We’re home!” I tried a different version of that one evening by putting Cheryl in the car and driving around a 4 mile block to approach our home from the direction of coming home from one of the kids houses. As she sat anxiously in the passenger’s seat looking out the front I made the last turn and said, “Do you know where you are?” It worked that night. She told me she was going straight to bed when we got home.

Last evening she asked me about going home. She was satisfied by my telling her we are home. She said, yes, I forgot.

Carpe Diem.