Circular Conversation – Brothers and Sisters

Cheryl talks about her sisters as though they are present even though one is deceased.

This happens often in our conversations in the evening. She will suddenly decide that she needs to futz with something in her office. If she can get her email started she will read a few random emails. Often she will be looking at old Christmas, birthday or thank you cards. She may decide that it is important to call one or the other of her sisters. Sometimes she will want to talk to Janice who passed away a couple years ago. Those activities will cause her to think about one or some of her family.

She will come out of her office and ask, “Is Debbie here?” or “Is Nancy here?” They are not of course but while she was thinking about them they were very real. She may have even had a long conversation with them inside her head. Sometimes she will talk to them out loud. And sometimes they appear in her dreams.

Carpe Diem.