Another Apple Delight

Lately as a muse I have been working my way through John Sanford’s Lucas Davenport series of Prey books. I have not read them through from the beginning to end. As relief between each story it read other things. Often those other things are about some recipe, some baking bonanza, some new way to do some cooking thing or a twist on a favorite recipe.

Today tripped over BookBakeBlog’s Apple Oatmeal sheet pan pie. This page is about what I did, what I modified and how it turned out. It is part of my food therapy series.

First the pictures;

From left to right; bottom dough layer, apple mixture added, partially cooked, on the second tier finished product.

I checked the baking before it was complete. At about 15 minutes. I was worried about charring the almonds. I would add about 10 more minutes in the oven and perhaps 15 more degrees to the oven temperature when I make it again. Temperatures and measures are metric so I may have selected a slightly lower temperature when I converted to Fahrenheit. I also use a convection oven. This recipe may have been originally cooked in a standard oven which is often slightly hotter in the upper rack.

For the crumble topping, I added about 1/2 teaspoon of almond extract to the topping and about a tablespoon of flour.

It is tasty and a good dessert. We ate it will vanilla ice cream which made it perfect.