About Me

Paul J. Weisgerber

Adjunct wizard, Grandfather, Swell guy to have if something is broke.

Caregiver and support person.

The term adjunct merely means for the purpose of. In other words a temp worker. An Adjunct professor is a temporary position. A wizard is very skilled technician. “He is a wizard at car repair.” or “He is a wizard at electrical repairs.” A really skilled technician obtained for a specific project is an adjunct wizard. My current specific project is my wife who has Parkinson’s Disease. I love her. She is all that matters.

What I do is whatever is required

Hobbies, Interests

Write Code – Sounds corny but I do. Currently futzing with simple games in Java.

Ride a bike – Electra Townie 7D. I bought as a project to build an electric bike.

Journal – here. It gives me a chance to whine about things.

Photography – not as much as I would like but my grandson is interested so I gave him my camera for now.

Tinkerer of electrical things (a.k.a. hacker)

Full Time occupation: Caregiver to Cheryl