A New Phase?

These past few weeks Cheryl has had trouble falling asleep and staying asleep and returning to sleep after awakening to toilet in the early morning hours.

We (I) have struggled with helping her. We bought a new split king bed so that she and I were not waking each other up with our movements over night. I have found that I am alert to her little noises when she gets up overnight to use the bathroom.

We went to the doc to check for a UTI.

We changed her overnight protection so that bladder anxiety was not keeping her from sleeping.

We have adjusted her meds a bit after reading in one of my Parkinson references that too much Sinemet can cause this problem.

The past two nights with the big new bed and meds adjust have been particularly less than satisfactory. After she finally does crash into sleeping, she will remain so until very late in the morning. (She seems to be on PST now.)

Are we entering a new phase? (June 25)