Earlier in the month I wrote about Cheryl losing an earring. About two weeks ago it happened again and it seemed that, alas, it was gone for good. I spent a couple days on and off with a flashlight like the Bluebloods and the NCIS guys hoping for a glint or a flash in the deep and weedy nap of our wall to wall carpet. Nada. Nothing.

I found a spec of fuzz on my office floor but no earring. When things are lost in a parkie world I heartily recommend searching where there is the most light.

Well today was the day. The earring magically appeared in the jewelry box.

Hallelujah, blow the horns, kill the fatted calf. The prodigal earring is BACK!

I found Cheryl sitting on her shower bench in front of the dresser in our bedroom. I went and got a kitchen chair so that I could sit near her. She had one of the prodigal earrings inserted in her left earlobe. I was able to convince her to let me put the back onto it to make it stay there. She was waving about on her bench. I put the keeper on and asked if she would let me put the earring in her other ear.

Success! I was able to insert the earring and put the keeper on the back. She kissed me and told me that she loved me. That was great but I was proud that I did not hurt her. My one son has pierced ears but I am seventy-two. It seems like it ought to hurt. I am fully trained as a earring inserter.

Carpe Diem. Anything that I can do to help.

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