2021 – A Year with New Memories

This Thanksgiving Day was different. For the first time in several years we were all together. We gathered at the same place. We gathered for food and drink and celebration of family. Everyone is in this photo.

(back row: Max, Scott, Gavin, Eric, Anna, Laurencia, Mikala, Dillion, Melissa Middle: Zarchary in Mavis’s arms, Cheryl, Paul, Dorie Bottom: Luke who took this picture, Vinnie, Elie, Audrey, Virginia,Regan, David)

What a wonderful crowd. It was loud as it should be.

Many things to thank the almighty for this year. And better than that family and friends shared photos of places and trips on Facebook this year.

Old trips, old friends, old memories, trips to the west, the last flower of fall, hikes in the woods, parties past, putting up the tree with grandma, photos of the hip-hop queen, and happy to see you, sunsets, visits with daughters in new digs, new friends, fruit, gatherings with the requisite photo, buns in the oven, babies coming, Facebook friend visiting with family, beautiful fall leaves, tiny football fans (darn Michigan won), All hallows Eve, Decorations for nursing homes, Florida people, cousins and cousin-in-laws, happy babies, memories of past gatherings, 51 years of marriage, Zachary ready for Halloween, old soccer, visits to campus, nostalgic photos of my brother who passed away last year, grandma-in-law and baby, grandpa-in-law and baby , our firstborn and hubby, three amigos at the beach, celebration of the pool completion, Kentucky crew, visits with Texas in Florida, grandpa-in-law and boat crew, Regan and friend, baseballer Max, semi-naked old man and young men on the boat, Zane, basketball camp, school starting photos, reader with big feet in her favorite spot, high schooler gets braces off!, dance team ready for half time, marriage, Zane and his sister – Charlotte, trips to the beach,fundraising walks, hugs at the wedding, and magnificent sunrise shots from my brother-in-law who can get them because I am still asleep. What a great year it has been.

Photos of places old and new. Wonderful memories. Snippets of life.

Carpe Diem.