Unraveling the Mystery

… Math, science, history. Unraveling the mystery. It all started with a big bang.

words to the opening theme song of BBT

These words from the theme song of the TV show, “Big Bang Theory” jumped into my head this morning without warning. Cheryl and used to watch this show and occasionally we still watch reruns of the old shows.

I have a little cartoon I made up where I quote from and old Joe Walsh song – “Searching for clues at the scene of the crime.” Both of these carry the same sentiment to me. It is the human search for meaning of our existence and perhaps even the search for God in our own lives.

In our case it is the search for the best day we can find on our journey.

A Facebook friend who also is dealing with a wife who has Parkinson says this. Gordy is more of a biblical scholar than I and has a different sense of God than I do. Here are his words from a couple days ago.

… Everyone – that is, EVERYONE, has a God. A god is that “supreme or ultimate reality;” that thing, entity, power, wealth, object, person, or principality (mindset) on which our life is focused, absorbs our time, energy and finances, and demands our attention and loyalty.
In the realm of the spirit – the supernatural, that “supreme or ultimate reality” is, for the Christian, the God (Yahweh) of the Hebrew-Christian faith. Another god is Allah of the Moslem faith with Mohammed as its prophet, or Buddha, or Hare Krishna, or Vishnu, or a host of other gods or goddesses of other religions in the world. These people all believe in their God and that their God is “the supreme and ultimate reality” for them.
But what about those who don’t believe in the existence of some supernatural being, but choose to believe only in the natural? If everyone does have a god, who might their god be? … As for me and my household, I choose THAT “supreme and ultimate reality.” I choose THAT God! I choose life!

— Gordy Cannon from a Facebook Post on October 15,2022

Gordy has found his God. The only thing I would add is that I think Allah is that same god just merely 800 or so more years down the road of divine philosophy and thought. I will always wonder where the Judaeo-Christian went awry and Mohammed was able to persuade folks that he had the right idea or Joseph Smith and his group or Martin Luther and his followers. (Let’s not bother with Henry VIII). Gordy makes a strong case for his search for meaning in his and his wife’s journey with Parkinson.

The other day when I read his post on Facebook I realized how important it is to find meaning in life… whatever that means to you.

Carpe Diem.

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