Wolf Spiders…

Wolf Spider eyes

I am no expert on spiders. For that expertise I defer to my biologist teacher daughter. But to my wife I am mighty.

I call all of these fuzzy guys wolf spiders. I really have no idea if they are or even what habitat wolf spiders seek out. Occasionally one of these guys will appear in the house.

Tegenaria domestica

Yikes, eeeekk, yuh, yuh… And I spring into action. Cheryl is not able to co-habitat with domestica anything. It makes me smile and she gives me the slipper that she is getting ready to use to send it to the great beyond. She does not smile. I select my weapon of choice from the box of Kleenex on the counter. I scoop it up. It makes a pleasing crunch as I press down with my thumb. Ugh, she replies.

Lots of things fascinate me, at least, for a short time. I do not know much about spiders. In Kentucky many years ago we stayed for several days at Lake Barkley Resort Park in the lodge. Those spiders are industrious. They made these beautiful circular webs every night near the walkway lights.

The Web

This is a picture of a similar web I stole off of the world wide web. Every morning one or several of the housekeeping staff walked around with a broom or dust mop and knocked them all down. Every morning they were back!

Parkinson’s disease is like this little spider. Every morning it scrambles off to the side while some well meaning worker cleans up a perceived inconvenience to the residents. Overnight the meds wear off. The next day they are built back up. Towards the afternoon and early evening the web is rebuilt and the dopamine levels are acceptable.

All is well for a while.

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