How it went with Mom ( unabridged)


 Mom chose to stay behind as I gave dad a ride to the airport. As we were leaving she asked about logistics, “so you are going to drop him off and then go get your kids?”  I clarified I was coming right back. No kids. I received a text from Natalie on my return trip from the airport informing me mom was still confused about whether I was coming back and when. She went to Jane’s to wait until I got back. Jane mentioned emotions were closer to the surface than she had seen before, but she was fine. Had a nice conversation for a while with Jane and left @4 for obvious reasons. She then laid down. 

Eventually there was a lot of confusion/activity about what each of the keys do. 

Then there was the “what would you like for dinner conversation.” During which she told me she would make pancakes or waffles for breakfast. Mom got really excited about my frozen blueberries that I brought for my smoothies. Didn’t really know what she wanted for dinner. I spied pasta, sauce and salad. Easy enough. She didn’t really want salad but she ate it all. Then she found ice cream in the freezer for dessert. 

She kept herself pretty busy trying to find a picture or a name. In the meantime she had lots to say/share on a variety of topics. Somewhere in there she played voicemail messages Dad left her before his first fight. She asked me where he went and remembered as soon as she asked. 

As it approached 10:00 she decided she needed to go to bed. I reminded her of her last round of pills for the day. She then had a slight concern about who was going to bring her her medicine in the morning. Talking about the guy who usually brings them. I just told her I would bring them. She seemed ok with that and wandered off to get ready for bed. 

Fun personal note: I learned mom is why I do not like a toilet left open after use. 


I turned off the annoying bedroom alarm and delivered her medicine. She then informed me she was laying back down for a bit. By 7:40 she was up looking for breakfast. So I quickly learned about the waffle iron and recipe on the Krusteaz bag. Cleaned her plate. Then she wanted tea. I followed Dad’s instructions. Dad eventually called. We all chatted. Then around 9:15 she decided to exercise. She found the things she needed and got busy. 

Max and a friend were going to a reds game. The girls rode along and came here. Lauren gave mom a ride to her exercise class while I finished the drive to the stadium and dropped the boys off. Lauren and Audrey exercised with mom. Virginia and I made it to the fitness center before it started but sat near the door until they were finished. Then all of us girls went to Frisch’s for lunch. 

Then home…

“What should we do about dinner?” What would you like mom?  We settled on sandwiches. What would you like on your sandwich mom? “We could fry bologna and maybe add some cheese.” “We could toast our bread.” What would you like with your sandwich? “We have pork and beans. I’ll fix some up.” Fried bologna and American on toast with a side of pork and beans (ketchup and brown sugar added of course) for dinner!

There was talk about wanting to visit/call Robby Rose. I found the very start of the movie Wonder. We started to watch it then dad called. Mom not understanding it was on tv wanted me to stop it so she didn’t miss anything. I quickly discovered we had started at the beginning which meant when I hit record we would have all saved on the dvr. She went to bed when there were 20 minutes left. 


Gave mom her medicine at 7 am and she was up! So I packed the couch back together. Made coffee. She ate breakfast by 8:00. I made use of the trails on the old golf course for half an hour. Came back and she had showered. I made use of the 8 lb weights and then showered, while she watched her favorite sitcom and then the View. 

Decided to go out for lunch. After discussing options, Slatts is where we went. Good food. Then wandered home by way of a gas station (filled Dad’s tank😉). Mavis brought Zach over for a visit and mom got out the Thomas set to show Zach. They left around 4:00 for Zach’s nap. 

Mom laid down for about half an hour. About 45 minutes after taking her 5:00 meds there was a round of dry heaves. Did eventually produce a little something. Not sure if something should have been done differently to prevent them. She said not. I poured some coke and crossed my fingers that her stomach settled. She could not find relief. After almost two hours of dry heaves (with occasional stuff), she and I decided I should call the doctor’s office for some advice. I was actually patched through to Dr Duker himself. He listened and was concerned about getting the nausea medicine in an IV as well as electrolytes. He advised that I get her to the ER so she could be checked out. 

I called Scott and asked for his help. He came right over and helped me get mom to the hospital to figure it out. Shortly after being given a disintegrating pill she was ready to go home and frustrated it was taking so long. Pill was effective. Eventually they let us know that they checked everything and she looked good. Sent us home with a new prescription. Took her 10 pm meds at 12:45am. Got her in bed. Scott hung around a bit and I got to sleep by 2:00. 


Set all my alarms to make sure we got the 7 am meds in. She was up. I was not ready to be up. Found her Bob Heart  ♥️ Abishola show and put it on. Then made her waffles. There was a light headed moment. She laid down. It passed. She was back for waffles. 

I asked Jane to come sit with mom while I got her prescription filled.  After I returned and Jane left, I was making her bed when she said:

“I have never had the opportunity to stay on first floor living quarters before. This is pretty nice. They arranged it like my place. They even made copies of my pictures and hung them on the walls. The woman that runs this place does a nice job.”

She laid down for short naps. Last one she popped out of her room at 3:09 asking where her mom was. After I politely corrected her, she then wondered if anyone wanted to go with her to 4:30 mass. I said I’d be happy to take her, just needed to freshen up. Off she went to shower. 

Side note per Sr Karen: 

Karen Schall picking mom up and taking her to lunch @ Mios at noon Wednesday. 

Also Mrs. Potter said next time she goes to 4:30 they are calling to confirm you are going in order to plan for dinner after mass. They are headed to Florida this week, so it will be a couple weeks. 

Got Mavis and kids to meet us at Mio’s. Mom was excited and told me how to get there. When we were finished she began recommending parks to go to. “We could go to Bechtold park…” Mavis was in. Walked around while Zach ran around and then she fizzled on the nearest bench. During all the walking and driving home she had lots to say about extended cousins and all the fun she had young and how sad she is because I didn’t have that kind of relationship with extended family. Out came the spreadsheet and all affiliated piles of paper clipped family tree documents for her to reminisce. 

Lunch with Sr Karen made it on the calendar. 


She was up at 5:30 to use the restroom, and came out to the living room to find a place to lay down because someone had taken her place in bed. I convinced her all was well and she should go lay back down for a while. At about 6:45 she was up to use this bathroom, because she “didn’t want to step around the little kids on the floor up there.”

She had her usual juice, cereal, and tea. She seemed to have some energy about her. I threw out the idea of a walk, and she was off to change her clothes. We went to the park she likes. She started out at quite a pace. Then half way around she ran out of gas, but we made it to the car just in time for 10:00 meds. When we got home she was tired and laid down while I stepped across the road and walked the path. 

When I returned at 11:00 she mentioned being hungry, so I made her a fried bologna sandwich. She worked her puzzles. Took her 1:00 meds. By 1:30 she was overwhelmed by nausea. I gave her a disintegrating Zofran. It took most of an hour, but she did return to a much better state. I have decided to try a steady Zofran dose (every 8 hours). So I plan to give her another at bedtime and new stuff, not old stuff for 7:00am tomorrow.

She had Mio’s leftovers for dinner at 5ish. Then got busy on her computer. I brought a knitting project along with me. I was looking for a sewing needle and thought mom might have one. She did not, but my inquiry brought about a lot of unboxing and unpacking the closet. The first trip through, I said, “It’s ok, I will find one tomorrow. Don’t worry about it.” I sat down to knit a little and she came out a few minutes later getting a chair. She had run out of places to sit. I went to investigate and she had half emptied the closet and was working through boxes we had searched earlier. I convinced her to let me put it all back and leave it. She really wants to shred old bank statements and thinks the cond needs to be cleaned thoroughly and repainted.

7:00 she took meds and was in her recliner with all the things by 7:15. Took about 30 minutes to get through. She then headed back to her computer. While checking new phone messages, she landed on old messages. She thought Kirkland’s office was confirming surgery for tomorrow. She was worried there was something she missed and did not want to get charged for a no show tomorrow. I tried to point out it was an old message and there was no reason to call anyone on a Sunday night. She just wanted to leave a voicemail explaining their mistake.Had Scott call her to change the subject and see if that distracted her. Then she was trying to call her mom on her mouse. I gave her a hug, while I thought through my next approach.  I eventually found Michael Buble and the puzzle were a way out of a ridiculous confusion cycle. We worked it for about an hour. Then she fizzled out by about 9:45. She took all meds including a Zofran. 

I did learn that donuts are usually on the menu for Sunday. I learned it too late, after she had her late day spell. Might find donuts tomorrow…


I slept all the way until the crazy annoying alarm. Had to work a little to wake Mom at 7:00 for her medicine. Gave her the new Zofran instead of yellow equivalent along with the rest of the 7:00 pile. She decided she was up. Had her cereal. Tea. The watched some of the Today Show. She showered was upbeat, herself. After 10:00 meds, she chose to lay down while I ran to JoAnns for a couple sewing items I needed.When I got back we went to the Bridge House for lunch (BLT not a double decker).

I was determined to make serious progress on a sweater project. Mom was determined to write to Robby Rose, work on an email about party at Barb’s, and organize for Clementines and PD support group.She was working and playing Michael Buble’. He’s growing on me. It was a good afternoon. At 5:00 I suggested we think about dinner. Maybe Strong’s since she was talking about it earlier. I learned after we approached the parking lot that they are closed Monday. Oops! Arby’s was on her mind next, so we went through the drive through and brought it home.

After we finished eating she headed back to her office and organizing stuff. I went back to my project, with an eye on what she was up to and how I could redirect her sooner if needed. I asked her what shows were on Mondays. She was happy to report her Abishola show was on at 8:30. Kept that in mind for later. She was in a printing state of mind again. Apparently she had made a change to the spreadsheets we printed the other day. I helped her print one.Then she wanted 10 copies. Then a little later I thought she was breaking the printer. First I removed the cardstock and photo paper from the printer. Then I figured out how to make copies of the support group sign in sheet. The ink was running out, so I cut her off. “No more copies. You show is going to start soon.”

She was in her chair before the start of the show. She really likes that show. Somewhere during a commercial break she started talking to me in a way I knew she thought I was someone else. It wasn’t obvious to me who. I just wanted to play the part. I always answered her honestly but did not correct her. I figured her head would work it out. She quickly faded around 9:45. Had a tough time changing for bed. First time I felt the need to help with all aspects of getting dressed. She was pooped.

Today there were no overwhelming nauseous moments.

I gave her new Zofran 7 am, 1 pm, and 10 pm. Not exactly 8 hour increments, but only 3 doses in 24 hours within established schedule.