Food Therapy- Shepherd ‘s Pie

The third recipe from Hello Fresh is Shepherd’s Pie. If you have not tried one of these “meal subscription” services, you should just for the variety. I found that it kicked my out of my comfort zone. It also provided enough interest from my life mate that she ate much of what I fixed.

The front of the recipe card
The back of the card

I modified the instructions a bit. I actually browned the ground beef and put it in a colander to drain the grease off the meat. Over time we have discovered that beef fat gives both of us indigestion and acid re-flux. I tried rising the ground beef after cooking it in a different recipe and I have been doing ever since. The texture is slightly different – more like ground turkey – but the beef flavor is retained and it does not seem to attack us later.

All the parts are here except salt and pepper and oil and butter

This package had more pieces than the previous two recipes. They have a twist one mashed potatoes that I have not used before. In both recipes (other one is buffalo chicken) the mashed potatoes are mashed with sour cream and mixed with another seasoning in this case fresh thyme. This simple twist on mashed spuds adds interest and flavor.

It turned out swell after all was cooked but those are some sad looking carrots. They were starting to loose their moisture and were getting “bendy”. I put carrots in the fridge and the ones that are hanging around after a couple weeks if I have not used them for something are starting to grow. These were soft and spongy.

This recipe produced enough for more than two. It probably would not for two hearty eaters but one of our eaters has Parkinson’s disease and she lost her sense of smell early on. As a result she has a diminished sense of taste and does not eat much at any one sitting.

Shrapnel… lots of little plastic bags

This kit has a lot of little seasoning things. There is actually a packet with a table spoon of flour.

I used a 8 inch steel skillet.

Ready for the broiler

Completed. If one desires more browning on the cheese, leave it under the broiler longer. The instructions have the cook putting the broiler on HI early on in the prep. Most broilers do not require much time to heat up. The broiling action happens with infrared heat transfer. Do not take your eyes off of it. Cheese can catch fire in a hurry. Put down your wine glass before this step.

Just starting to brown slightly

I served it from the skillet as suggested. If it was only me I would have eaten it right from the skillet.

About a fourth is left over for lunch the next day.