Food Therapy (Bean Soup)

A pretty good recipe right on the bag! I have bought Hurst beans many times over the years and this bag of 15 bean soup is always a favorite.

Use the traditional recipe and soak the beans overnight. The beans will turn out much better. It is okay to soak the beans much longer but keep an eye on them. They will start to grow. If you start this recipe the night before and then dump the water and start the soup at 1PM or so, one can eat at 5PM and there is still time to make the corn bread. This soup goes really well with corn bread and a dark red wine.

I have made both with and without ham but it is way better with ham or a couple ham shocks. The latter work best when simmered with the beans for the couple hours called for in the recipe on the bag.

The recipe as written on the bag makes about 10 cups or so of soup. If you have fresh tomatoes use them instead of the can of diced tomatoes. I have made it both ways. I think it is better with fresh tomatoes from yours or a neighbor’s garden.

It freezes well. But do not forget about it in the freezer. Enjoy!