Scary Morning

Thank god for day light saving time.

I could not wake her up. Never mind that it was the first day of the idiot time change. We did not have to travel to have the powers that be declare it to be an hour different than it was.

Cheryl slept poorly two nights previously. I was excited to get her to bed without too much fuss. I could tell she was tired, very tired. At dinner she was hallucinogenic. She spent some time discussing dinner with a little brown haired girl who was inside her head and did not answer when she she asked questions.

With her walker I got her to the toilet and sat her down. I thought that perhaps we might not make it. I changed her clothes with no help from her. She would not or could not open her eyes. I dug out the transfer chair to roll her to the table in the kitchen. I got her to take her first meds one at a time. She was awake but not awake. Breakfast was a non-starter for awhile. I rolled her to her recliner and got her it it.

I turned on one of the Sunday morning newsy shows I saved on the cable box. I turned it up so she could hear it. And I watched her for a bit. I left her seated in recliner and did a few chores like dress the bed.

She was awake when I came back 30 minutes later. She was watching the show.

As the day goes on she relates periods of delusional thoughts. And as we talked about those things she has begun to exhibit lucidity.

It is a very very strange version of the disease of Parkinson that Cheryl has.

Carpe Diem.

2 thoughts on “Scary Morning

  1. What type of PD does she have? I have MSA-P, and I thougjt that suck enough, but I’ve started having delusions and that’s a whole new level of suck.
    Speaking of auck, I forgot to reply to tour question on pure wick, it’s louder than a white noise machine, but my husband who can’t stand any noise at night, said it didn’t bother him after the 1st week. And not getting up several times a night makes it worth the expense for us


    • Good to know. Thanks for responding. — In Cheryl’s case she has PD and additional memory loss and associated dementia. Her neurologist( MDS) and NP team has not given her PD a name. Parkinson(isms) seems to have a range of symptoms. It affects every one differently. I suppose if she had presented with dementia first we would be calling it Lewy body dementia. It is a distinction without a difference. She takes donepezil for her dementia which is a drug they use to help Alzheimer’s folks. — Turns out we found when I took her to visit the NP last week that o/nite incontinence is the most reported side effect of taking this drug, NP said try taking it in the morning. The original script said take at night. She is not completely “continent” overnight but the situation is much better.
      Her movement issues are dealt with fairly well with (2) 25/100 carbidopa/levedopa in combination with entacapone 5x daily.


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