Another new thing πŸ˜™

Dishy is not done

So, in my never ending battle against loss of mental acuity and cognitive decline I bought a pumpkin bread mix. I thought it would keep her cooking small things. She tried one tonight and although I have not sampled it, it looks and smells delicious.

After baking and knocking it out of the loaf pan, she washed the utensils she used and since the dishwasher was running she placed all in the dish rack near the sink. Here is the new thing… after running the garbage disposal for a bit and rinsing the sink down, she turned off the disposal and the switch next to it which turns off the dishwasher. I should add; in mid-cycle.

An hour or so later I walked into the kitchen for a different reason after finishing up with the laundry. I was still in full-time chore mode so noticing no noise from dishy I assumed the cycle was completed and unloaded it.

It wasn’t until I started to push the racks back I noticed the water in the bottom of the dishwasher. 😁 I closed door and noticed the switch was off. I flipped it on and the dishwasher happily restarted as if nothing had happened.

Another thing to check on. I need to make a checklist. It works for pilots. Maybe it will work for caregiving… and unloaded dishies.

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